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About j.e. paterak

j.e. in a residency studio

I am a artist and studio jeweler living and working in Portland Maine. My studio is currently nestled within Zero Station Gallery in the East Bayside neighborhood of Portland.

I have been making and selling my jewelry since 1994. Early in my career my work was published widely, exhibited nationally (see CV) and I was lauded with honors and awards at shows. 

My jewelry. Inspired by nature / Built by hand 

All of my jewelry and objects are either one of a kind or produced in very limited quantities. The work has  an elegance and durability. I work in both gold and silver. I use only my favorite semi precious and precious gemstones, including my beloved dendritic agate, and of course pearls. I strive to draw attention to the nuance and wonder of nature as it is my central muse.

I currently have paintings available at Corey Daniels Gallery in Wells.

About Zero Station Gallery

My husband and I established the Zero Station in January of 2000, at that time we had just started a family and I played a much smaller role in the day to day operations of both the gallery and custom frame shop which is the engine of the business. Keith's frame's are in high demand for artists and photographers and local businesses. 2024 is our 25th year! I have taken over the gallery operations having curated for the past 4 years. Zero Station is a long-standing cultural out-post for all kinds of happenings and incubator projects. Somehow we are still Portland's best kept secret.

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