About the artist

j. e. p a t e r a k 

I am an artist and jeweler living and working in Portland, Maine, balancing a dual art practices. My other interests are gardening and all things plant and fungi as well as hiking year round. It allows for an ebb and flow of focus at the bench, and keeps natural rhythm in my life. I have been living and working in Portland for most of my life, leaving only for graduate studies at Cranbrook Academy of Art, in Michigan where Charles and Ray Eames met. Cranbrook is famous for its long legacy of craftspeople. My undergraduate studies were at Massachusetts College of Art where I studied painting and printmaking.

Philosophy of making

The act of making an object makes time concrete, remembering someone or a significant event in a life such as a wedding or anniversary. To make something by hand is an act of defiance in our age of technology. It is also a hopeful act, that we are moving forward and not the inverse. Resulting works of art and jewelry, are the “rings” of time I leave in my wake.

Nature inspired | Built by hand

My interests in hiking, walking, foraging for edible mushrooms, gardening, plant sleuthing/botany inspire my work. Nature is the foremost designer where I take my cues, of course who can compete with her, but it is fun trying. Beauty is all around us and wearing something beautiful is again a hopeful act.

Recognition | Publications

My contemporary jewelry has been awarded the Jurors Award at Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Colorado. Work has also been featured in Ornament,  American Craft, Metalsmith Magazine. Also in Lark Books 1000 Rings and 500 Earrings and in select technical books published by Brunmorgen Press. Furthermore, I have written for Metalsmith, and curated locally for Zero Station

I have work in private and public collections, most notably at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. 

Recently my studio moved into the gallery and workshop of Zero Station, owned by my husband. We just celebrated 20 years in business. Read about it here