Every item in this shop is made by hand with traditional tools and takes care and precision from start to finish. It can take between 2-14 business days to fulfill your order, sometimes longer. Please read item descriptions for more detailed ordering information & anticipated fulfillment time frame.


Many of my designs use significantly heavier gauges of metal or cast in heavier weights than is standard to the industry. Some of my jewelry borders on "indestructable" (of course no jewelry is but it is durable as well as elegant). That said with prices for precious metal continuing to rise, some designs will be made with lighter and with "thinner" guages to retain a level of  relative affordability.

Consider how your chosen piece is designed and please keep this in mind, wear it  & store it with care.

Price point is also a factor.  If a piece is priced at a higher than it may likely be designed to be durable and worn for decades. Conversely if something is less expensive, it is likely to be thought of as fashion jewelry. Not all jewelry is meant to last a lifetime. Repair quotes are done on a case by case basis. I do not do any repairs for work I have not made myself.


I include the cost an initial ring sizing at the time of purchase. I do not stock all rings in all sizes. Please note your size when ordering. Once the ring has been purchased and worn I charge a shop fee for sizing that covers the time, tools and materials needed. As a general rule, rings with many gemstones cannot be sized once the stone is set (diamonds and sapphires are the exception). Most of my silver and gold bands can easily be sized. Many local jewelery stores can also size rings in your area, my rings can be sized that way without the additional cost of shipping it back and forth to Maine if you are not local.


Some helpful practices
- It is best to not sleep with your jewelry 
- It is also wise to not shower or swim while wearing silver jewelry especially. 

-I do not recommend over the counter jewelry cleaning solutions. A soft bristled toothbrush and warm mild soapy water can help remove light residue from lotions and sunblock from your jewelry. Some sun lotions may also cause a chemical reaction with metal discoloring the work rapidly. 

Silver will darken over time as it is exposed to air and chemicals and develop a patina (sometimes for better and sometimes for worse). Periodic cleaning with a jewelry polishing cloth will keep silver jewelry bright.


"Blackened silver" has been designed to fade. With regular wear, oxidized jewelry will become brighter and over time will developed elegant silver highlights and darkened details. 

You can always call me for a refinishing quote if you would like something to "look just like new".


My shop takes every kind of credit card, I am working toward also doing Afterpay or Paypal in a new shop later this summer. If you prefer to pay another way than with a credit card through this website, we can find a way to complete an order over the phone or in person.


If you would like to return for any reason please contact within a day or so of receiving your order.  Full refunds are for items returned promptly otherwise credit is given if within 45 days.  Items must be returned with the original packaging and in brand new, un-worn condition.

Thank you for your interest and purchasing my work!