All work is being made to order. I am working on some big changes - contact me to get on my list!

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I will be consolodating my two websites early in 2024. If you ever need to reach me just leave a message in the contact section- I respond to all emails and messages.
thank you.

Below are other websites I have a connection with in some way -j.e. paterak

my paintings and works on paper as well as photographs and someday soon I will work regularly on the blog :

The gallery I curate for and run with my husband, Keith Fitzgerald, here in Portland, Maine

A gallery in Wells where my framed artwork can be seen or purchased.

An organization I am a member, celebrating its 125th year! I have begun to work on a website for it. All for my love of plants.

Another organization I share my photos with and occaisionally contribute to the newsletter.

a link to a longish zoom talk I gave about how fungi and flora have inspired artists over the years.